Oct 22, 2017

A16 is finally here. We just release a16 version of starvation, and opened 4 official server.

You can watch our trailer here!

check the forum for more information!

thank you all!

June 11, 2017

a note from mortelentus:

hello everyone.
once again let me start by thanking all of you for all the interested on our humble mod. unfortunately you will all have to be patient until we can adjust first the tool, then the mod.
the ones that might have been following SDX might remember that this latest version should be easier to adjust, so there's that. let's see how it goes, and hope that it's quickly functional.
as for STARVATION, you may also have noticed that i have been very inactive. that's mainly because i've been extremely busy on my personal life, with constant business trips. that is also coming to an end soon, and i will try to take a well deserved week off, which I will also use to help the rest of the team deal with the adaptation.
i will not make any promises, other then we will do our best to keep you guys informed.
until then, enjoy the new A16, learn how it's new features work, and have fun. or play A15 STARVATION
we WILL be back.

thank you all!

May 27th, 2017

greetings! just a small update to all our loyal followers, and those of you just finding our project for the first time... we are indeed still here.
the team is growing and we are gearing up for the A16 release. in the meantime we are working diligently on better serving the community through a new support system, a new website, and refining and building the starvation wiki, as well as fixing existing bugs and refining existing code.
we are eternally grateful for your support and interest in starvation.





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