The new Mod Pack from SDX Team

The idea is to make a mod that tries to make things harder, more interesting, but also highly rewarding later in the game. Again, coding have been made by Mortelentus, and most graphics where made by Pacco.


A VERY WELL DESERVED THANKS to the important contribution of:
Pacco for all the graphics, xml, patience and dedication
Matite for the numerous assets we're using, made by him (garage door, drawbridge and numerous plants)
Dissolutionskey for providing resources for development and testing, for the awsome ideas, and for all the moral support
xtended2l for his extensive review, cleaning and balancing of the xml (still in proggress)
OzHawkeye for his ideas and suggestions, and for the time he spent testing gameplay (and still is)
Mortelentus for scripting
Stallionsden for his testing and suggestions

ALERT - This mod is demanding. It is stongly advisable that you have a bare minimum of 8GB ram, preferably 16GB.

I would put some emphasis on some of the new stuff we're trying to incorporate. The most visible aspect will obviously be the player colony. Player colonies give you, the player, the possibility to recruit and employ survivors. This "survivor" NPCs can be assigned a multitude of tasks, from cook to guards, and many of the end items will somehow require you to developt and maintain a well structured colony, which you can do alone or with your friends...
This is just the most visible "tip of the iceberg" since we're trying to incorporate so many of our previous mods in a way that makes sense. We're refining them, adapting them as needed and even making new interesting things, hoping that in the end this package can provide an experience as interesting as possible. While realism plays a important role, it's not what it's all about. There are still fun and illogical stuff. Because it's fun!

During this development stage we will be providing the mod using our custom launcher, since there are still many things that will unavoidably change or be added/removed.

We feel that it is finally ready for public testing, so we are providing both client and server launcher links.
The launcher will replace / update all necessary files, so even if you have no contact with SDX, this should be straight forward. I would advise you to keep a copy exclusively for this pack, for now. We had to reuse a lot of IDs (i've made a small tool to find and assign free ids, that I can share if there is enough interest), so keep that in mind if you want to integrate it with other stuff.

Again, this is work in progress, there may be an ocational error that we missed, and balancing problems, but I don't expect anything too bad. Please remember that if you decide to help us.

IMPORTANT NOTE: there are so many new things, that I strongly advise you to take a quick look at the OVERVIEW DOCUMENT before playing. Another thing to keep in mind is that this mod is INTENDED to be HARDER then vanilla... Zombies are just the least of your worries on your day-to-day life.... Keep attentive to sounds, watch where you step, plan your actions...

REMEMBER TO ALWAYS START THE GAME FROM THE LAUNCHER. It needs some parameters. Also remember to restart the launcher after an update or it may download again, sorry about that.

NOTE: to install on a server you can simply use the server launcher if you have full access... If you only have ftp access, things get a bit tougher and it requires some knowledge not only of SDX. As usually, we'll try to help if at all possible, but in the end it will be down to your server provider.


First of all, let me start saying that I'm very thankful and honored that this mod is getting so much attention. I have been impressed and even overwhelmed by the amount of reactions, good or bad, that we've been getting from everywhere... So thank you all, like it or not, for all the help and support!

Now, I've been trying my best to help everyone asking me for dedicated server help. The truth of the matter is that I/we simply cannot help everyone, and I cannot keep taking all my free time on that. We don't have the time nor the resources to try every server provider out there. Some will allow you to use SDX mods, some wont. We are using servers provided by one member of our team and, as such, we are somewhat privileged in the type of access we have. We do know that some players have it already on some server providers, but that's all I know.

My advise to you is experiment with your local servers, understand SDX and the files it needs, and only then try to move to your server providers... I do have a guideline what is needed, from files to startup parameters, if you need it just ask me.

Xtended2l is also working hard on making the launcher as easy as possible to configure dedicated servers, if you happen to have full access to it (like a local machine, or a cloud virtual machine with RDP for example). The launcher is also very helpful to configure your local servers, which you can then use as base to update remote servers via FTP.

In the end all I / we can do is providing a small generic guideline of what is needed to run a SDX server and make the launcher as easy as possible for those who can use it, but that is it!

Maybe together we can can up with a list of providers that allow SDX mods, but we'll need everyone collaboration for that

Again, thank you all for understanding and for the support!

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: IF you need to upload files to a server (via FTP for exemple) and need an example of a settings.ini file, please put the FOLLOWING SETTINGS.INI on your managed folder (7DaysToDie_Data\Managed), replace "c:\mygamefolder" with the correct path.


By downloading Starvation Mod, you agree that:
you can copy the material in any medium or format for your personal use.
If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material, without asking for our permission first. This includes c# code, xml configurations and all included models and icons.
If permission is given, you must give appropriate credit, provide a link to this license, and indicate what changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.
Many of our assets were purchased and as such we can not give permission to use any of our models on your own projects until further notice.

If you are currently using any of our models, we will ask you to stop using them and contact us, until we can figure out which ones we will even be able to grant permission to use, if the team decides to grant permission.
Anyone using Starvation c# code from our latest public release, is free to keep using it freely.
From now, access to full SDX code versions will remain available per request only. If you want to use any of my code for your personal use or public mod, please contact me.





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